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Quality & Guarantee

Guarantee policy

The guarantee for borer's mechanism is 12 months, and 6 months for ball bearings, on condition of correct use and maintenance. We give guarantee only on assembled rotors/cartridges.

Every rotor is marked with serial No. imprinted on the impeller or spindle and can be easily traced all the way back to the date of production.

Customer must return warranty claims to V&KL dental rotor for a failure evaluation within the set guarantee period. Guarantee claims can be accepted only if maintenance and sterilization procedures are performed regularly; in the opposite case, they can be rejected for misuse or abuse (dropping the handpiece, repeatedly or intentionally extending burs, or any other action inconsistent with the operating instructions).


Rotors are produced from special medical-purpose materials on high-precision machines. The quality of rotors meets the highest standards requested in this field. The final inspection of rotors is 100% and the test conditions are much harder and more demanding than the conditions during the use of rotors in practice. For example, the cartridge stands the pull test of about 4 kp.


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The V&KL denatl rotor company or its products are in no way connected with the Bien Air, Castellini,
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